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 Nos Canoës et kayaks            Our Canoes and kayaks

Nos bateaux varie des kayaks et canoës stables pour débutants aux kayaks avancés.

Our boats range from stable beginner kayaks and canoes to advanced kayaks.

 Grand choix de canoës et kayaks bien entretenus et de bonne qualité

Vast selection of well maintained and good quality canoes and kayaks

Kayak Double / Double Kayak
Kayaks Légers / Light Kayaks
Kayak 14 pieds (Avancé) / 14ft Kayak (Advanced)
Kayaks spéciaux / Special Kayaks
Kayaks Intermédiaires / Intermediate Kayaks
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blue and orange.jpg
fun kayaks.jpg
two reds.jpg
Kayaks Ouverts / Open Kayaks
Kayaks Enfants / Kids Kayaks
Kayaks Liberty / Liberty Kayaks
Canoës / Canoes
Kayaks Mère et Père / Mom and Dad Kayaks
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mum dad boats.jpg
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